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Auto Krafters
Part #:KY80675
Availability:Out Of Stock
Price: $298.95 (USD)

Fits all Ford vehicles with 3-speed automatic and C4 or C6 transmissions.

The B&M StarShifter is one versatile shifter - wrapped up in a clean timelessly styled package! In the normal mode the StarShifter is a straight line detent shifter. When the lever is in Low lift the trigger all the way and pull the stick back to convert to ratchet action. Move the stick forward for the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts.

Dimensions: 12.22” long x 12.12” high x 6.25” wide

• Base can be trimmed to custom fit any floor.

• Cable operated for quick installation and accurate shifting.

• Reverse lockout feature meets NHRA and IHRA requirements.

This is an universal part some modification may be necessary.

Includes a neutral safety switch transmission brackets and levers and a 5 foot shift cable.